6 Foods and Drinks That Age You

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6 Foods and Drinks That Age You

Here’s a not-so-obvious list of “killer foods” of youth, so you can control their appearance on the table and prevent attacks on your body.

We spend huge sums on wrinkle creams and treatments to extend our youth every month. But even the most miracle cures can’t help if you don’t watch your diet. We’re telling you what kinds of food you need to cut down on in order to fight with nature for your natural beauty.


Forget about sugar cakes and candy: As sugar enters your body, it “glues” to protein fibers (including collagen and elastin, which are responsible for skin elasticity) and binds them together, making them lose their function. This process is called glycation, and the end products of glycosylation (those sugar-linked proteins) accelerate the aging process, particularly the appearance and deepening of wrinkles. It is thought that the glycation process is irreversible, that is, it is no longer possible to “unlink” the proteins back together. So it’s best to secure yourself with a sugar embargo: stop adding sugar to coffee and tea and reduce your consumption of sweets.

“Harmful” additives (trans fats)

Trans fats are not only harmful to your figure, but also to your face: they literally clog arteries and blood vessels, so that the normal transport of nutrients and useful substances through them is hampered, and the skin begins to suffer from a lack of valuable minerals and oxygen, and soon ─ look lifeless and flabby (cardiovascular diseases are attached to the not too comforting beauty-diagnosis). A very large amount of trans fats are found in margarine, chips, various fast food and baked goods, and all of the above ─ a good reason to give up these questionable minute gastronomic pleasures.


Where there’s a lot of salt, there’s never enough water: Salt holds water back and dramatically reduces the amount of moisture in cells (including the skin). Forced dehydration forces the kidneys (and other organs and body systems) to work in sos-mode, and this is not far from chronic diseases. Excess salt also affects the appearance of the body in a bad way: due to excess fluid retention, swellings appear, and due to metabolic disorders – blackheads. By the way, flabby, dry and grey skin also results in a high salt content in the diet.

Refined oil

Another key to youthfulness is to completely eliminate refined and processed oils and fats from your diet. The whole point of refined oil is the chemical process of distillation, which cleanses it of harmful additives, while also eradicating the pungent flavor and giving it a beautiful color. Alas, the other side of the coin is that there is essentially nothing naturally useful in refined oil, only vegetable fat and artificial additives, with which it has been enriched by thermal refining. Such “industrial” oils increase cholesterol levels, clog blood vessels and interfere with the well-functioning hormonal system. Increased sebum production, rashes and inflammation and an unhealthy complexion are only some of the consequences. Unrefined oil, especially cold-pressed oil, is many times healthier (even though it is more fragrant), so sunflower, olive, rapeseed, corn, linseed and other oils should be chosen.


Let’s remember about the lethal combination of salt, sugar and caffeine, seasoned with not the most useful additives – we shouldn’t look for any benefits in energy drinks, as in many carbonated beverages. But let’s think about this: energy drinks are very harmful to the enamel of teeth, eating it up to 8 times more than ordinary baking soda. Consuming energy drinks every other day or, even worse, every day, you risk never shining a Hollywood smile again, so know how to stop in time. And of course, we can’t forget the dehydration that drinking soda causes: lack of moisture makes your skin dry, pale and, alas, wrinkly. Immediately replace carbonated and energy drinks for clean drinking water!


Here everything is quite obvious: alcohol dehydrates the body, destroys collagen fibers and sharply reduces the amount of antioxidants that are responsible for youthfulness, strikes a blow to the liver. Skin becomes more susceptible to oxidative processes, flabby and earthy. In addition, alcohol (especially strong alcohol) is an excellent appetite stimulant, so a “shot” or a “glass” may well remove the restrictions on all the things we talked about above. However, 150 ml of red dry wine during a meal are not the embodiment of universal evil: just remember that you should drink wine without sugar, and afterwards do not forget about a couple of glasses of water, which must be drunk to replenish the liquid.